Premier warns of larger storms as a consequence of local weather change

Premier warns of bigger storms due to climate change

(CNS): Climate change is not a distant projection but an ongoing reality that is affecting many aspects of our lives, and as hurricane season opened on Thursday, Premier Wayne Panton urged people to be vigilant and prepared, given the potential for much more intense storms. Scientific projections suggest that strong hurricanes will become more commonplace in the Caribbean.

“We cannot keep ignoring the risks of climate change to our communities, our economy or our environment,” the premier said in his national message marking the start of the 2023 season. “Based on local, regional and global data, we know that there is strong evidence for an increase in the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones since the 1970s in the North Atlantic.”

And this is just one of the climate impacts our islands are facing. “Local tide gauge data shows sea level is rising. Local rainfall data suggests fewer but more severe rain events. Local temperature data shows our islands…