Press Freedom Day 2021: Myanmar’s journalists proceed to report the reality on the navy coup

“I got a call from my source saying I should run right now because they are going to arrest you tonight,” said Ye Wint Thu, who is in his late 30s.

He stuffed what he could into bags — his laptops, work projects and important documents — and fled with his wife.

Since then, they have stayed with friends, family and colleagues, moving each night to evade the security forces who regularly conduct nighttime raids of suspected safe houses.

Ye Wint Thu covering an anti-coup protest in Yangon, Myanmar.
Ye Wint Thu’s story is not a one-off. Journalists across Myanmar are being attacked by the military junta merely for doing their jobs. More than 80 journalists have been arrested since the coup on February 1, with more than half of those still in detention, according to a statement from Western embassies in Myanmar.

Offices of newspapers and online media have been raided. A nightly news bulletin on state TV broadcasts the names and images of those sought by the junta. Many of them, like Ye Wint Thu, are journalists.

Some have been hauled off to…