Prior Lake orthodontics Lists 5 Foods You Can Eat if You Have Braces

/ PRIOR LAKE AND LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA- It’s not a secret that orthodontic treatment often required altering some of your eating habits.

Prior Lake orthodontics provider Dr. Trudy Bonvino advises patients to avoid sticky, hard-to-chew and crunchy foods that can break appliances.

The Prior Lake and Lakeville braces provider has put together a list of the top five foods most patients are amazed to learn they can have while in treatment:

1. Ice Cream

“Patients are allowed to eat ice cream,” said adult and pediatric orthodontist Bonvino . “in fact, it is often recommended when the braces are first applied.”

2. Chocolate

Chocolate is allowed as long as there are no nuts in it. Milk chocolate is soft and easy for patients to eat while they have braces.

3. Fresh-baked Cookies

Cookies are fine to eat. Patients should just make sure to brush their teeth well afterward.

4. Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits

This comes with a condition- patients must cut up the fruit and veggies into bite-sized pieces before eaten raw.

5. Shakes and Smoothies

When patients first get their braces, these are a good idea because they are easy to consume and they may help with discomfort and being sore.

Final Thought

All of these options are clearly not considered “healthy foods,” but remember to be sensible and remember everyone is going to want a sweet treat once in a while.

“Sharing this list lets patients know when they crave sweets or items they shouldn’t eat that there are plenty of junk food items that are satisfying and will cause no damage to the appliances,” said Bonvino, who also offers Invisalign treatment .

By not eating foods that can break your orthodontic appliances, the patient ensures the treatment will go promptly and as effortlessly as possible.

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