Privy Council rejects rascals’ referendum attraction

Cayman News Service

Lawyer Kate McClymont with her client, Shirley Roulstone

(CNS) The UK Privy Council has refused to hear Shirley Roulstone’s appeal in connection with a legal case relating to the Cruise Port Referendum campaign, in which the local activist had challenged the constitutionality of the previous government’s decision to set a referendum on the cruise berthing project before it had passed general legislation relating to people-initiated polls. Since the case fallen at this hurdle, government does not need to pass a general law on referendums and if it chooses can legislate for each individual ballot, leaving the rules that provide or this constitutional right open to the political fancy of whichever administration is in office.

Roulstone, who, like many local activists, has been nicknamed a ‘Cayman rascal’, had appealed to the British high court after the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal overturned the Grand Court March 2020 ruling last summer. Acting Judge Tim Owen had…