Introduces Custom Game Gizmo

/ New Online Utility Allows Users to Easily Create a Custom Prize Wheel or Plinko Game introduces Custom Game Gizmo, allowing customers to create a custom design for the Prize Wheel or Plinko Game from any computer with Internet access. With the free online utility, businesses are able to easily change each of the prize slots and create a game personalized to their specific needs.

The Custom Game Gizmo is offered exclusively by The online utility allows the customer to add his own graphics, text, and colors, then prints out each of the prize pieces and slide the design under a protective covering on the front of the game. The Custom Game Gizmo also allows the client to upload images directly from their computer, choose from a variety of images in the gallery or create a shapes in an assortment of colors.

Before the Custom Game Gizmo was introduced, customers would download templates for Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. With the new online utility, no additional downloads or software is required by the customer. The Custom Game Gizmo can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

“It is easy and fun to customize the Prize Wheel and Plinko Game with Custom Game Gizmo,” said Kevin Feltner, Marketing Manager for “Our customers are able to change their games from any computer, as often as they would like. The game can always be fresh and new with the Custom Game Gizmo.”

Custom Game Gizmo can be found by clicking the “Customize My Game” link that appears in the top-left of each page on or by visiting began selling the 12-Slot Tabletop Prize Wheels more than seven years ago and has sold more than 20,000 Prize Wheels and Plinko Games. The Atlanta-based company has expanded their Prize Wheel offerings to include game wheels in a variety of sizes, ranging from a Micro Prize Wheel, measuring 14 inches in diameter, to the Big 40″ Prize Wheel. Table and floor Prize Wheels are available with 10 to 30 slots on each game. Plinko Games have also been very popular for the company. The game in available in two sizes and two colors. offers a variety of games to build business for business. began selling Prize Wheels, Plinko, Prize Dice and treasure chest games in 2005. The company has now sold more than 20,000 games to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

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