Professional-fossil gas Fb advertisements considered 431 million occasions — in a single yr

Pro-fossil fuel Facebook ads viewed 431 million times -- in one year


Pro-fossil fuel ads were viewed more than 431 million times on Facebook’s (FB) US platforms in 2020 alone, a report released Thursday by InfluenceMap found.

Despite that vast reach, the oil-and-gas industry spent just $9.6 million on the ads, according to InfluenceMap, a think tank focused on energy and climate change.

“The oil and gas industry is using a more sophisticated playbook to undermine climate action, which involves the use of more subtle and nuanced messaging tactics,” the report found.

Out of the 25 organizations InfluenceMap studied, the biggest users of paid ads on Facebook’s US platforms were ExxonMobil (XOM) and the American Petroleum Institute, the industry’s powerful trade group. Exxon and the API accounted for a staggering 62% of the ads analyzed by researchers.

“The assertions made are deliberately misleading and completely without merit,” Exxon said in a statement to CNN Business. “We believe that sound public policy is achieved when a variety of informed…