Public Service Announcement – 600 skilled field workers dispersed across the cit… – Press Release

OTTAWA, ON, May 27, 2022 /CNW/ – Overnight, and into today, Hydro Ottawa employees and their complement of skilled crews, totalling 600, worked to restore an additional 8,000 customers. This brings the total customers restored to 151,000 customers since the storm hit the city on May 21, 2022.

There remain 29,000 customers still without power in the City of Ottawa.

Crews and resources are being dispersed to every corner of the city. Restoration efforts will continue 24/7 until all residents are reconnected. Key focus areas for today have included the following communities:

  • Bel Air Heights (Iris area)
  • Carleton Heights
  • Carlingwood / McKeller Heights
  • Cityview Skyline
  • Fisher Glen
  • Fisher Heights
  • Manordale
  • Parkway Park
  • Parkwood Hills
  • Pineglen Annex
  • Stittsville
  • Tanglewood

While the bulk of the system is expected to be back up by the weekend, weather and other elements like trees and debris may cause some customers to remain without power for longer. The utility assures customers that they are on top of these situations. If residents don’t see a truck in their area, Hydro Ottawa reminds residents that the Ottawa electricity grid is highly automated and managed centrally. A lot of switching work is done by the utility’s System Office, which does not require its crews to be physically on-site.

There are likely a significant number of homes that will require additional support to get reconnected due to damage to their properties. Electrical damage needs to be repaired before power can be reconnected. If a customer has sustained damage to their home’s electrical system from the storm, customers are advised to stay away and contact Hydro Ottawa at 613 738-6418 or visit our website.

Hydro Ottawa will continue to keep customers and the public advised of the evolving situation via the news media and on our social channels.

Safety tips

  • Hydro Ottawa asks the public to respect work site perimetres by keeping a safe distance from crews and as they work on energizing the power grid.
  • If customers notice…