Public well being conducts main vaccine drive

Public health conducts major vaccine drive


(CNS): The Public Health Department is marking the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) 21st annual Vaccination Week with a national vaccination drive. This year’s theme is “Get up-to-date #EachVaccineCounts”. Parents with children who need vaccinations, including missed or outstanding doses, are urged to attend the events over the next two weekends or make an appointment with their local clinic.

“Over the years, the Public Health Department has developed and maintained a robust vaccination schedule with a coverage rate of 95% for most vaccines,” said Public Health Nurse and EPI Manager Angela Graham. “Despite this achievement, there are still some children who do not complete their vaccine schedule, thus leaving themselves and other vulnerable groups at risk.”

Graham encouraged parents to make and keep appointments to get children up to date on all shots. “Our Public Health team will continue to work with schools, parents and the public…