PulteGroup Shareholder, Marine Veteran Betty Trester labels CEO Ryan Marshall ‘D… – Press Release


PulteGroup repeatedly raises red flags as CEO Ryan Marshall and his legal team continue to evade transparency and make false accusations against shareholder, Marine Veteran requesting records regarding the departure of the CEO’s top lieutenant 

ROCHESTER, Mich., June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Marine Veteran and PulteGroup shareholder Betty Trester is being falsely accused by national homebuilding giant PulteGroup so the CEO can avoid transparency regarding the company’s probe into his fired executive lieutenant late last year, Trester’s legal team said today as they filed a new response in Michigan circuit court. 

“After its latest attempt to avoid transparency, it is clear PulteGroup’s Ryan Marshall has no faith in shareholders”

“Before filing my suit against PulteGroup, I submitted to extensive negotiations resulting in my agreement to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for reviewing investigative documents regarding the CEO’s ex-lieutenant, yet nothing ever came to fruition,” said Trester. 

 “After its latest attempt to avoid transparency, it is clear PulteGroup’s Ryan Marshall has no faith in shareholders, especially Main Street investors like me, a Marine Veteran who honorably served our country.” 

About Trester’s response

The two parties have made multiple filings in the case which is only three months old. Today, Trester’s team filed a new response to PulteGroup’s salacious response to Trester’s initial shareholder lawsuit. 

The court filing makes clear that Trester is indeed a shareholder with inspection rights who has a proper purpose for inspecting the investigative records and was willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement. “The Legislature did not intend for shareholder rights to be limited to institutional Wall Street investors or activist investment funds. The rights extend to shareholders like Ms. Trester: a middle-class grandmother who bought her stock, followed it, educated herself, received dividends, and voted in…