QC argues hospital case has no enterprise in court docket

Cayman News Service

Cabinet Secretary Sam Rose (centre) and Project Director Gene Thompson sign the agreement in December 2020 for Aster Cayman Medcity proposal, with Chief Officer Nellie Pouchie and (standing) Health Minister Dwayne Seymour (left) and Premier Alden McLaughlin

(CNS): Doctors Hospital has brought an academic question to the court challenging the government’s deals with two medical tourism facilities but it has no standing to bring any legal case, Tom Hickman QC argued on Wednesday. The British lawyer has been hired by the Attorney General’s Chambers to respond to the judicial review brought by the private hospital asking the court to find that tax giveaways by the government are unconstitutional and its ability to collect taxes cannot be restrained by the contracts.

As he presented the government’s side on the challenge brought by the Doctors Hospital (formerly the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital) Hickman said the challenge was merely an academic one because…