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Quantexa CEO outlines vision for investment in support of UK Government’s plan to make UK an AI Hub, which includes:

  • Over $155M in new global investments aimed at accelerating enterprise and government agency’s ability to use trusted AI-enabled Decision Intelligence solutions
  • Over $105M in dedicated UK investment will create over 170 new jobs in London AI Innovation Center team
  • Preview of Generative AI assistant shows how world-leading institutions will unlock the full potential of data to investigate risk and identify opportunity

LONDON and NEW YORK, July 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantexa, a global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, announced today that it will invest over $155M in the global artificial intelligence (AI) industry over the next three years to help clients advance the use of AI to protect, optimize, and grow their organizations. By 2027, Quantexa’s total global investment in AI will reach more than $250M.

The investment marks Quantexa’s continued advancements in AI with the preview of its Generative AI technology, Q Assist. Quantexa also furthered its commitment to advancing the company’s existing AI Stack to enable its growing global ecosystem of clients and partners to unlock new industry-specific use cases for financial services, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, and in the public sector. Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence platform and suite of solutions for data management, customer intelligence, KYC, risk, fraud, and financial crime have been deployed in over 70 countries.

Analysis from the University of Washington suggests this investment will boost the global AI industry by $760M as the multiplier effect is realized.

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