Radical PI Sport Co Sees Surge in Global Sales with Commitment to Positivity

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Radical PI Sport Co Sees Surge in Global Sales with Commitment to Positivity

Los Angeles, CA–January 18, 2016–Radical PI Sport Co–a Cleveland, Ohio based sport and apparel company–has seen a recent surge in global sales which they attribute to their overall commitment to positive thinking and outlook. As their corporate mantra of “Everyday in Everyway…Better and Better” suggests, R.P.S.C. is dedicated to boosting individual self-esteem and general well-being through a positive state of mind. From the mundane simplicities of everday life to the extraordinary moments of rising to a particular occasion, Radical PI Sport Co recognizes that a strong, positive outlook can often be the difference between success and failure.

When reached for comment, Ms. Brit–Radical PI Sport Co’s brand manager–stated that “Radical PI was founded on positivity. I don’t see how anything in our way of doing business could change concerning that. With the vast amount of negativity that exists in the World, positive, uplifting thinking seems a must-have for everyone’s life. The fact that people are accepting and supporting our mantra with such enthusiasm is not surprising to us.” Radical PI Sport Co has seen a recent boost in domestic and global sales and interest. Ms Brit went on to say: “At least once a week someone stops me and lets me know that Radical PI’s edict of ‘Everyday; Everyway; Better’ has helped them develop and grow in some sort of way; it’s very rewarding to know that we can have such a powerful impact.”

Pat Riley–owner of nine NBA championship rings–once said “if you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” Radical PI Sport Co seems to understand and embrace this type of thinking. Ms. Brit continued by saying: “the fact that our sales and interests have increased on a global level demonstrates, in some sort of way, the power of positivity; at least that’s the way we see it. We truly want to see the people and circumstances of the World become better. Obviously not all at once, but little by little is better than nothing.”

Radical PI Sport Co has become an increasingly strong player in the realm of the ever changing apparel slash sport industry. While striving towards quality and performance, R.P.S.C. also continues to push towards positive reinforcement concerning mental attitudes and attempting to be the best that one can be. “Whether it’s going to work and striving to be better or pushing towards running one’s first marathon, Radical PI wants an individual to know that we believe in the fact that ‘everyday in everyway, I am better and better!”

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