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Spear and Greenfield, P.C., a personal injury litigation firm based in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has once again proven that they are on top of their game after they were successful in litigating a car accident case in favor of their 35-year-old client.  Their client got 2.7 million dollars in total compensation.


Rand Spear’s client was a driver who got involved in an accident in an intersection.  The defendant (other driver)  accused him of being the one who ran through a stop sign.  The 35-year old  suffered and sustained multiple injuries such as herniated discs and nerve damage that require surgery.  These injuries have caused him physical disabilities.


At the initial phase of the case, the defendant was unwilling to offer any amount of compensation to the plaintiff.  But as the case progressed, the plaintiff (Rand Spear’s client) was offered $5,000 but it was rejected as insufficient. Despite this, Rand Spear and his associates managed to litigate the case in favor of their client. 


The jury’s verdict came out in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant.  Spear’s client got a total amount of 2.7 million dollars in compensation, one of the biggest verdicts from a car accident case in the year it was filed.


How Rand Spear and His Associates Investigate Car Accident Cases?

One of the reasons why Rand Spear and his associates have such a high rate of success when it comes to representing car accident victims in claiming compensation and achieving settlements is how they investigate personal injury cases.  They describe the process in detail on their website.


A careful investigation of personal injury cases is absolutely critical. We thoroughly and carefully investigate each case. Although every case is unique, our investigation process usually involves several important steps. We begin by obtaining police reports, accident reports, witness statements, and photographs.


The investigation process continues as the case proceeds. We may retain experts to help us present your case effectively. These experts may be necessary to reconstruct an auto accident, identify building code violations, or determine if a product was defective.


Attorney Rand Spear also shared that experience and tenacity are two of the most important factors during the investigation phase that can affect how a case can be won.


Our investigators are highly experienced and treat each case as if their own loved one was involved.”

Clients Only Pay If They Get Compensated

Spear and Greenfield, P.C. doesn’t ask for payment until they get their clients the settlement they deserve.  They encourage car accident victims to contact them if they are uncertain about what the next step is to claim compensation for their personal injuries.  They also offer initial free consultations for those who need immediate legal advice.


Contact Randy Spear and his associates at 215-688-5644 if you are in Pennsylvania, or at 856-200-3088 if you are in New Jersey.  You can also visit their website at www.randspear.com.


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