Rankine to carry assembly for East Enders solely

Cayman News Service


Isaac Rankine at the East End Chamber forum

(CNS): Isaac Rankine, the independent member elect for East End who has signed two deals agreeing to form a government, one with the PPM-Alliance and one with the PACT led by Wayne Panton, is planning a meeting Saturday afternoon in East End, which he says is for his constituents only. A social media circular from his officials said the meeting would be at 4pm at the East End Civic Centre but it expressly indicated, twice, that it is for local residents only. However, Rankine, who campaigned as an independent, finds himself in the middle of a national political issue that many people believe cannot be resolved at the local level, where just 348 people voted for him.

By Saturday morning Rankine was still committed on paper to both PACT to form a government of independents and to join the PPM-Alliance under Roy McTaggart. While Jay Ebanks in North Side did not sign up for the PPM-Alliance and Sabrina Turner U-turned back to PACT…