Recently launched: Benetic’s platform takes off and more advisors join every day


JACKSON, Wyo., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  In the few months since Benetic launched its revolutionary online platform, advisors have flocked to register and use Benetic’s platform to generate and compare proposals personalized to their clients’ needs. Benetic has already added over 70 advisor firms on the platform that collectively advise over $1 trillion in retirement plan assets. The flow of proposals through the Benetic platform continues to grow. Advisors using Benetic save a minimum of several hours of valuable time on every proposal because Benetic eliminates the need to manage emails and follow ups, engage in back-and-forth with recordkeepers, and hunt through proposals to create an easy-to-understand summary of options for clients.

Advisors can sign up or request a demo on Benetic’s website.

The Benetic marketplace now features over 20 recordkeepers, including American Trust Retirement, Ameritas, Empower, Fidelity, Paychex, and Vestwell, many of whom offer real-time pricing and proposals.

Benetic is not just about recordkeeping. Advisors using the Benetic platform have the ability to select from an industry-leading range of service providers, as well as other services that embrace and support the unique value advisors bring to their clients. A key Benetic feature is the more than 30 Benetic-exclusive CITs* that advisors and their plan clients can use as plan investment options. These Benetic-exclusive CITs offer market leading pricing on popular funds from leading asset managers.

Request access to the Benetic platform today to view Benetic-exclusive CITs and to quote and compare recordkeepers and other plan service providers. Advisors use the Benetic platform at no cost.

About Benetic
Benetic is a technology-powered solution for advisors and consultants that brings recordkeepers, asset managers, and other plan service providers together to generate the best plan options quickly and cost effectively.

Created by retirement industry experts and built by Google and Facebook engineers, the Benetic platform is the last tool you will ever need to build a 401(k) plan solution.

*Benetic-exclusive CITs are available only where permitted by applicable law.

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