REDS 55/3 (13.2 ov, Curtis Campher 6*, Kevin O’Brien 9*, Josh Little 1/18)

REDS 55/3 (13.2 ov, Curtis Campher 6*, Kevin O'Brien 9*, Josh Little 1/18)


With that the rain starts coming down a little heavier and the Umpires are taking the players off. Hopefully this will blow through quickly and we will get going again soon.

Match State: Delay – rain

3:45pm The rain seems to have settled in at this point, the main covers are out in the middle. The Umpires are just heading out for an inspection.

According to the weather forecast, the rain is stopping in 12 minutes time, although the truth is that it is barely falling now.

I’m sure once it stops that it won’t be long until we are back on again. Hopefully….

4:00pm It’s certainly brighten up at the ground, the Sun has broken through. Although it’s still raining as well. Cricket in Ireland, it’s certainly unique!

4:15pm The rain has started falling harder again here, how frustrating. We still need to be able to fit in another 6.4 overs to make sure that we have a game.

We could be waiting here for a while.

5:00pm. The Umpires are heading out for an inspection, the rain has got a lot lighter…