Reopening spells return of masks, social distancing

Cayman News Service

An officer hands out a reusable cloth mask at a local supermarket in May 2020

(CNS): When the Cayman Islands’ borders reopen to vaccinated visitors who will not be required to isolate, residents can expect to see a return of mask mandates, social distancing protocols and a reduction in the permitted size of groups both inside and outside. Government ministers have said that as the risk of community transmission of the coronavirus increases in October when the current quarantine restrictions begin to be lifted for travellers, the relaxed virus protocols will likely be tightened up again.

The return of more frequent virus testing and tried and tested protections will be used to boost the community protection from the vaccine if Cayman can exceed a national immunization rate of over 80% and as much as possible reduce the risk of serious illness or possible deaths.

Speaking at Wednesday’s press briefing, Premier Wayne Panton, Health Minister Sabrina Turner and…