Report: 79% of Creators Believe AI-Generated Music Is Good Enough Already – Press Release


DOVER, DELAWARE, Aug. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mubert, a company that has been pioneering AI-generated Music since 2017, conducted a survey to study creators, artists, and adopters that are pushing forward the development of AI-Generated Music. 

  • Creators consume derivative Music to accompany content, such as streams, shows, and podcasts, which they produce within the Creator Economy. 
  • Artists compose audio works that serve as a unique input, from which neural networks produce derivative Music. It secures the quality and legitimacy of the derivative Music.
  • Adopters assess the technology and whether or not AI music suits their various needs. They are able to evaluate its quality objectively.

In its study of well-versed professionals, Mubert discovered the role that AI Music plays with respect to their earnings from content and making music. Their perception of the quality of AI Music and ways to improve it were also in the scope of the survey:

  • Mubert revealed that 51.4% of creators are just starting to earn money on AI-accompanied content (shows, streams, etc.), and have a modest revenue. It constitutes a major source of income for only 4.5% of creators. Rather, input music for AI is being written mostly by highly skilled musicians who are used to making Music for a living (42%). 67% of these see AI music as an opportunity to increase their income. 
  • In terms of quality, Artists and Adopters rate it largely unsatisfactorily (25% and 43% respectively consider it to be not good enough). Surprisingly, however, 40% of Creators view it unequivocally positively, and 39% believe it suits their goals.
  • Nevertheless, 49% of creators would like to see an improvement in the quality of AI music hooks, structure, and musical ideas. 66% of Adopters are approaching AI-Generated Music to check its quality. However, in the future, 48% of them would consider utilizing it as a source of income.
  • However, this does not prevent them from listening to AI music for…