Report exhibits visitors quantity doesn’t justify EWA

Cayman News Service

East-West Arterial Road extension plans (provided by the NRA)

(CNS): A transport review by Ardent Consulting Engineers of the proposal for the controversial East-West Arterial Road extension found that it is not justified on traffic volume alone and will not improve the traffic troubles for those living in the Eastern Districts. The independent report shows that the real cause of the congestion is the funnel effect around Grand Harbour and that traffic patterns reveal it is pinch-points west of the proposed road where conflicting streams of traffic need to be managed.

The UK consultants were commissioned to undertake the report by local conservationists in Cayman in partnership with the UK charity, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The author of the report, Kevin Kay, a divisional director with the engineering consultants, said the existing single-carriageway road already meets the current and expected traffic demands for residents in the Eastern…