Restroom Wizard A Hit At The 2023 National Restaurant Association Show 2023 – Press Release

Jason Adams’ Restroom Wizard has been proven to deliver real improvements. Successfully prototyped, the Restroom Wizard has won plaudits from both exhibitors and attendees at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

CHICAGO, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Restroom Wizard, a wall-mounted bathroom enhancement product invented and designed by Jason Adams, has been prototyped and tested by multiple users across the country – from Florida to California. Most recently, the inventor traveled to the renowned National Restaurant Association Show to present the prototyped product to insiders/leaders within the U.S. restaurant industry.

The results of the Restroom Wizard have been so impressive that all who have tried the innovative device intend to purchase at least one as soon as they become commercially available in their local market. As detailed at, the patented product has been expressly designed to improve the often-disappointing experiences of patrons at commercial bathrooms. The latter includes the bathrooms of large commercial restaurants as well as those of professionally managed office buildings, hotels, venues and other establishments.

Essentially, Mr. Adams built a sturdy and easily installed wall-mounted dispenser package that provides both natural (100% chemical-free) wipes and natural air freshening gel beads/essential oils (also 100% chemical-free) to bathroom users on a reliable as-needed basis. In this manner, bathroom users can enjoy a more fragrant environment as they clean themselves in a quicker, more effective and ultimately cleaner fashion than traditional toilet paper. Toilet paper will still be present, of course, but it will be complemented with a better alternative.

Indeed, the Restroom Wizard is a value innovation in that it delivers a demonstrably superior customer experience on a reliable basis to any restaurateur looking to optimize customer satisfaction. Now that it has been prototyped…