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Riverside, a television series produced by Joseph Naber and Dolly Nwaduba tells the story of a group of young adults from a variety of different ethnicities and nationalities who get together in Los Angeles in an effort to launch their careers in Hollywood. The unique part about Riverside is that it has the appeal of something that hasn’t been done before. An ambitious group of dreamers come together from every part of the world in Los Angeles to form an unbreakable bond – a true life-long friendship that helps them face every single obstacle that blocks their path to success in the entertainment industry.
Meanwhile these goal-oriented friends are smart, diligent, and are always willing to do anything for each other. The characters in the story start out as amateurs who work hard to adapt and fit into the new Hollywood culture. Every person who wants to see a TV show where the characters go through a life-changing transformative journey from young and inexperienced youths to mature, well-rounded people should watch Riverside. The interesting aspect of this series is that regardless of how much or how little the individual characters have in common their fierce loyalty towards each other only grows stronger. In most cases people outright refuse to be friends with anybody unless they have almost the identical same belief system as them.
Riverside’s trailer is both very engaging and has a soundtrack with an excellent beat. The trailer is very inspirational, and the TV show will definitely resonate with young up-and-coming actors, and people pursuing a career in Hollywood. It will also be a positive message to those who seek to follow their dreams. 
Christian Janner is a Danish actor who is starring in the TV series Riverside as Anthony Ross. There are many reasons why Christian is perfect for this role. He studied acting in New York, but before he became an actor he also went to business school for three years, and even joined the Danish Army. Clearly this is a very gifted actor who is exceptional because he has the knowledge and ability to play various roles. This is demonstrated by the films he played in, which includes Dunkirk, Little Star, Pure Genius, and Words. The movie Words is especially controversial for its plot and because of the fact that it’s very relatable. It’s based on the true story of a girl named Haya being molested by a plumber in the Middle East, while the mother left the house.
Television shows like Riverside are not only influential but are also educative because they teach the viewers how to be steadfast, loyal, and driven with the motivation to succeed no matter what type of obstruction is in their way. The brilliant and talented Christian Janner is the ideal fit for these types of projects because he has acquired through knowledge and experience the right mindset and character necessary to act in them. 

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