Royal Thai Army Chief Talks About Internal Security Operations in the South

11/10/2014 (press release: JaturontThan) // Kittima Chanwattanasil

Royal Thai Army Chief Udomdech Sitabuth convoked with the staff of the Royal Thai Army Operation Center and the staff of the Regional 4th Internal Security Operations Command by video teleconference, according to Deputy Spokesperson Colonel Winchai Suwaree.


The Royal Thai Army Chief went through the crimes committed in the three southern border provinces where people were recently assassinated in the Tepa district of the Songkhla province


Moreover, the Royal Thai Army ordered the soldiers to quickly take care of the people that were affected. In addition, he ordered the soldiers to investigate the situation, follow any clues and find the incendiaries. He requested his staff to increase its focus on protecting people from violence and instructed the soldiers to use proactive measures during the night with more checkpoints in the urban and suburbia area.


Colonel Winchai Suwaree said the Royal Thai Army Chief not only ordered the soldiers to optimize their job performance and relations with the people, but in addition ordered his staff to adjust their working patterns in order to cover periods that were often marred by violence. The soldiers were also told to strictly take more care at night.

For the operation and for the specific checkpoints, Colonel Winchai said they must have adequate equipment and tools. The specific checkpoints must have a clear presence based on the principle of the tactical operation. Furthermore, the soldiers must create awareness to convince people to continue their life as normal and create a good spirit between the people and the soldiers, as the Royal Thai Army wants to establish peace talks.

Incase, the incendiaries threatened or tried to use violence against innocent people, the Royal Thai Army asked people to use their judgment and not accept any wrong behavior shown by the incendiaries. He concluded by saying that the Royal Thai Army will ascertain and track the offenders, who in turn will be sentenced by the judicial process.

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