RT sees its affect diminish as TV suppliers and tech corporations take motion in opposition to the Russia-backed outlet

RT sees its influence diminish as TV providers and tech companies take action against the Russia-backed outlet


The actions taken by television providers and technology companies against RT have dealt one of the largest blows to the outlet in its history, reducing the Kremlin’s ability to peddle its narrative at a pivotal time when its international standing has fallen as a result of its unprovoked war on Ukraine.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook (FB) and Instagram, and TikTok separately announced some of the harshest measures taken thus far against RT on Monday. The social media companies said they had moved to block RT in Europe. The outlet’s accounts will no longer be accessible to users on that continent through those companies’ services, depriving RT of crucial venues to advance its messaging.

Meta had previously announced that RT would no longer be eligible to monetize its content on the company’s platforms.

Google (GOOG) on Sunday also announced that RT would no longer be able to earn ad revenue on its platforms. YouTube, which is owned by Google, has also been a key platform that…