Rubio says US should battle China’s ‘extraterritorial attain,’ citing CNN report on Uyghur deportations

Rubio says US must fight China's 'extraterritorial reach,' citing CNN report on Uyghur deportations

Members of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee mentioned the exclusive report in a discussion with Human Rights Watch’s China Director Sophie Richardson.

“CNN reported a Uyghur man being taken from his pregnant wife in Dubai and extradited to China,” Rubio in his opening statement to the committee Thursday. “If we don’t fight back against the extraterritorial reach of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) now, we will one day find that such practices will increase in frequency to the point that many places outside of China will be just as dangerous as the territories are directly controlled by the CCP.”

CNN’s report, published Tuesday, chronicled a series of alleged detentions and forced deportations from three major Arab countries at China’s request: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. One Uyghur man is still at risk of deportation from Saudi Arabia.

Reports of Uyghur disappearances have unnerved the largely Muslim global diaspora from China’s Xinjiang region,…