Russian intelligence brokers believed to have directed White supremacists to hold out bombing marketing campaign in Spain, US officers say

Russian intelligence agents believed to have directed White supremacists to carry out bombing campaign in Spain, US officials say


US officials believe that Russian intelligence officers directed a Russian White supremacist group to carry out a letter-bombing campaign that rocked Madrid late last year, targeting the prime minister, the American and Ukrainian Embassies as well as the Spanish defense ministry, according to current and former US officials.

Spanish authorities have yet to make any arrests in connection with the attacks, which wounded one Ukrainian Embassy employee, but they were widely suspected at the time to be linked to Spain’s support for Kyiv.

Some details of how, exactly, the campaign was directed and carried out remain fuzzy, two US officials said. It’s not clear how much knowledge – if any – the Kremlin or Russian President Vladimir Putin himself had.

Still, US officials now believe that the attack was likely a warning shot to European governments which have rallied…