Rutty secures a spot in Cayman historical past books

Rutty secures a place in Cayman history books

Raegan Rutty at the Tokyo Olympics (from CIOC Facebook page)

(CNS): Raegan Rutty secured her place in the local history books on Saturday when she became the first ever Cayman Islands Olympic gymnast after completing the qualifying rotation in the all around competition in Tokyo. While Rutty’s scores didn’t place here into the individual or equipment finals, the 19-year-old put in a solid performance in her Olympic debut, especially on the vault, where she scored 12.133, and the floor, where she clocked 10.633. Her total score was 39.615.

Speaking after her performance, she said it was “an amazing experience”, 15 years after she joined the local club, Motions Unlimited Gymnastics, when she was just four years old. Revelling in the moment, Rutty said she was amazed that she had been able to reach her goal of becoming an Olympic gymnast.

Rutty’s Cayman team mates are also excited to get their moment of Olympic glory. Jillian Crooks (15) will swim the 100m…