Sahara mud cloud will influence Cayman; no volcanic ash approaching

Sahara dust cloud will impact Cayman; no volcanic ash approaching

This file photo shows a Saharan dust plume over Cayman in June 2020.

The Cayman Islands National Weather Service released a statement this morning warning that Cayman will experience a “surge” of Sahara dust moving across the island today, according to tracking by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology.

The service clarifies that the image above, showing where the dust will be at its most concentrated, does not show how high in the atmosphere the dust particles are concentrated.

“[G]enerally the Cayman Islands from time to time will be impacted by Sahara dust but for the most part the dust particles [are] usually suspended high in the atmosphere and not at the surface where it might produce breathing issues,” the NWS said in the statement.

However, people with respiratory issues are advised to “exercise caution”.

This 12-hour forecast shows ash clouds in the far eastern Caribbean. Source: Trinidad and Tobago Weather centre, via CINWS.

The statement, from NWS…