Sahara mud not volcanic ash pollutes native air

Cayman News Service


At 12,000ft, a layer of yellowish dust is a few thousand feet below (Photo by Stuart Mailer)

(CNS): The dusty atmosphere currently in the Cayman Islands is due to dust from the Sahara Desert and not the volcanic eruption of La Soufriere on St Vincent. The volcano erupted again at the weekend with another major explosion late Sunday afternoon, which caused a tall, dense ash plume rising some 3km into the air that drifted south and west. However, the ash does not appear to be impacting Cayman, according to local weather experts. John Tibbetts, Director General of the Cayman Islands National Weather Service, said the furthest west the ash has drifted is Curacao in the south-central Caribbean.

“The Weather Service has been monitoring the situation with regards to both the Sahara Dust and the Volcanic Ash and at this time we can say that we are tracking no volcanic ash clouds approaching the Cayman Islands. The latest official volcanic ash message at 8:03am this morning…