SaleYee Brand Identity is Officially Revealed as A Professional Dropshipping Platform – Press Release

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“The newly unveiled logo communicates our endeavors to make dropshipping easier and our ability to help sellers grow business steadily.” –, a cross-border e-commerce dropshipping platform that focuses on the two-way empowerment for both distributors and suppliers, unveils its logo that conveys the excellent dropshipping services it brings to online retailers. Positioned as one of the best dropshipping suppliers, SaleYee interpreters its slogan “Sell Easily, Earn Globally ” as the commitment to handling the heavy lift and growing business of both sides.

As online consumers are focusing more on shopping experiences such as shipping timeliness and logistics tracking, which leads many retailers to start dropshipping business mode for local shipping and fast delivery. Serving to provide low costs of logistics, sufficient inventory, and overseas warehousing, the SaleYee platform, is here to offer global online sellers the answer to how to dropship and to expand their dropshipping businesses whenever they need.

Brand Identity Revealed with Brilliant Logo chooses red and black for its logo design.

Red represents passion, warmth and vitality, and evokes the SaleYee employees’ awareness of being passionate, high-spirited, and striving forward. It also clearly demonstrates SaleYee’s strong sense of industry responsibility, continuous pioneering spirit and sincere service enthusiasm.

Black signifies maturity, calmness and wisdom, reflecting the rational, steady, unwavering, and fearless spirit.

The fonts are all designed with openings, which can be interpreted as openness, tolerance, intercommunication, and innovation. SaleYee is intended to break the barrier of traditional e-commerce, link the superior resources of the supply chain, and accept more high-quality customers so as to create a more convenient cross-border dropshipping business model.

Evolving from a circle, the logo is a symbol of a gold coin or earth, fully exemplifying SaleYee’s endeavor to empower distributors and suppliers in both directions, working together for a mutual benefit and a better future.

Dropshipping Made Easier by

Not like most dropshipping wholesalers or dropship tools, SaleYee is a global dropshipping platform that connects high-quality cross-border supply chain resources such as products, logistics, warehousing, finance, etc., with global sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Shopify, and other online marketplaces. The deep business insights backed by more than 10 years of in-depth market research help the professional group to specialize in solving business problems such as difficulty in product selection, limited funds, a high threshold for overseas warehouse services, and complicated after-sales issues.

Set Free from Financial Pressure

SaleYee’s dropshipping model saves every dropshipping seller’s trouble in stocking and shipping. Without risk in inventory and difficulty in finance, SaleYee’s users can lean into their roles in marketing and sales strategies. The fast free delivery rooted in local warehouses and logistics systems can also be conducive to quickly shortening the payment cycle.

Massive High-quality Trending Products

12 major product categories such as home & garden, sports & fitness, health & beauty, pet supplies, toys, etc., with 30,000+ winning dropshipping products are selected by SaleYee’s big data, and 1,000+ potential new arrivals are regularly listed every month. provides unlimited product resources for global distributors to fully access to simple & easy product sourcing with a price advantage from worldwide to worldwide.

Professional Fulfillment Service

SaleYee owns 7 global warehouses totaling 630,000 sq.m in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries. Fast dispatch in different shipping methods, with order numbers offered within 24 hours, and fast delivery within 2-8 days, greatly shortens the logistics timeliness to meet the logistics timeliness requirements of major e-commerce platforms.

Multichannel Integration that Automates Dropshipping

Online retailers engaged in Amazon dropshipping, eBay dropshipping, Shopify dropshipping and more can get easy access to integration with their online marketplaces such as Amazon, Wish, eBay, Shopify, Irobotbox, etc,. For other e-commerce platforms, online sellers can use API integration for an automated dropshipping solution that saves time and trouble.

Worry-free After-sales Guarantee

SaleYee platform moves forward with a professional customer service team to enhance sellers’ seamless, personalized and convenient selling journey by making it smooth to return and exchange products with even a three-month after-sales service period.


“The newly unveiled logo communicates our endeavors to make dropshipping easier and our ability to help sellers grow business steadily,” said the Director of Marketing Department. “SaleYee is always striving to simplify the selling process and bring online sellers higher profit margin by optimizing comprehensive dropshipping services, thus better fulfilling their needs.”

About SaleYee

SaleYee is a global dropshipping platform founded by pioneers with over a decade-long experience in cross-border e-commerce. With deeper business insights, we offer online retailers worldwide 30,000+ quality dropshipping products, fast and free delivery from 630,000+ sq.m. local warehouses and more professional services that you can leverage for better success.

No membership fees, only minutes to get started. We empower global sellers and suppliers by making it easier to sell, earn bigger profits, and reach customers in wider markets.



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