Samples detrimental for fowl flu after chickens killed

Samples negative for bird flu after chickens killed


(CNS): The official results from samples sent to a laboratory in the United States from a flock of local chickens were negative for avian influenza (bird flu). After five samples were suspected to have been positive following local tests, the entire flock was euthanised. But the Department of Agriculture has now said that bird flu was not found in the samples. The DoA said that given how infectious the virus can be, euthanising the birds was the safest course of action.

“The rapid test results are indicative only of suspect cases of the virus, the presence or absence of which can be confirmed by PCR testing,” a DoA release stated. “In situations such as this, given the lack of on-island capacity for PCR testing for avian influenza, the time delay in receiving results from international laboratories and the highly infectious nature of the virus, the risk of waiting to take appropriate control measures is simply too great. As such, the best and most appropriate…