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/ SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Dentists, bioengineers, researchers and clinicians are gathering in Pennsylvania Sept. 20-22 for the TMJ Bioengineering Conference, hosted by the University of Pittsburg.

Dr. Greg Larson, a San Francisco dentist, practices neuromuscular dentistry, primarily relief from TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can result in severe headaches, and in San Francisco cosmetic dentistry the Larson Dentistry team cures patients of these migraines by examining and treating bite imbalances.

The conference leaders establish continuity in the study of TMJ disorders. Attendees can look at the conference schedule beforehand. Attendees may also view detailed transportation information to the conference. The conference gives the attendees the opportunity to probe all aspects of TMJ research. Attendees should search for research collaborators and venture into the extents of the topic that have yet to be intensely researched.

Keynote speaker Dr. Louis G. Mercuri, DDS, MS examines TMJ Replacement: Past, Present and Future Considerations on Thursday at 8:45 a.m. Podium sessions, poster viewings, discussion groups and more keynote lectures will proceed throughout the conference. The conference ends around noon on Saturday, giving attendees’ time to explore the city.

The temporomandibular joint is attached to the jawbone, or mandible. TMJ disorders encompass the muscles, nerves, teeth, bones, ligaments and tendons. TMJ disorder is also known as TMD.

TMD symptoms range from restricted ability to open and close the mouth to difficulty biting and chewing to tingling and numbness in hands and fingertips. Some patients may have migraine headaches, earaches, hearing loss and dull face pain. Others notice clicking sounds when opening and closing their mouths.

Discuss any similar symptoms with a dentist. The dentist will examine and give their patient an accurate diagnosis.

Larson, a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, will look for loose teeth, gum line recession, narrow jaws and airway, forward head posture and distress on the front teeth. Once. Larson, a Walnut Creek veneers and implant dentistry provider, gives a patient their TMD diagnosis, he treats the issue with a customized dental appliance.

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