Save My Home Stop Foreclosure Service Announces Streamlined Application Process

12/22/2011 // Austin, TX, USA // grlpub // stop foreclosure service today announced a new, streamlined application process for a foreclosure loan modification program. Homeowners who are behind on their home mortgage loan payments and are in need of save my home service now have several options.

Save my home loan modification is a process of negotiating a change of mortgage loan terms designed to bring the loan in line with home owners’ income and ability to make monthly mortgage payments. This option is for borrowers who want to save their homes, as opposed to a short sale alternative that offers debt relief.

The loan modification process may adjust loan size, interest rate, loan balance and monthly payments. Not every home owner who is in default on his mortgage will qualify for the save my home program.

It’s imperative that borrowers on the loan have adequate ability and desire to make monthly payments. They will need to start making payments after the new loan terms have been negotiated on their behalf and accepted by the bank.

Save my home loan modification negotiations can be done by the homeowner, or as a fee based service by a legal professional.

Once the save my home application from the borrower is accepted a legal team will be assigned to each individual case, review the mortgage loan documents and foreclosure notices and determine a plan for negotiating the stop foreclosure case with the lender.

While many mortgage loans may qualify for government incentives for save my home programs, mortgage lenders are under no obligation to grant an approval for loan modification requests.

Homeowners can apply for save my home stop foreclosure loan modification service at the company website

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