SAVEES.COM to Support Boston Marathon Victims and Families

04/15/2013 (press release: ProspectPR123) // Niles, IL, USA // Prospect PR Inc is reaching out to its family, friends and supporters for help! Not just help for us but also help for those that got hurt in Boston during the Marathon. We at, a Brooklyn based start-up and Free Internet Portal for businesses and customers to find deals and not hurt their bottom line have created an IndieGoGo campaign with a goal of $50,000 to help raise capital for our business venture in 2013. When we first put this together, it was prior to the events that surfaced in Boston. Since this tragedy has occurred we would like to still raise capital to grow, but also provide 20% of every dollar that we raise to help support the victims and families of the victims of Boston.

We will still be using the remainder of the money to grow the marketing and sales teams, bring on new employees, increase our customer service initiatives and create a national advertising campaign. mission and goal has always been to help the economy and small-medium sized businesses get the exposure they need to grow without hurting their bottom line. The idea for came from Leo Cohen a long time offline media and advertising executive. Throughout his career Leo has worked with many small and large businesses and has seen what they are charged for taking a chance at advertising and never really knowing if it is going to pay off. After experiencing years of watching companies hurt their margins and bottom-lines and costing more to advertise then actually making he decided to create a portal that no longer took advantage of businesses or the consumer.

Team up with and help us position ourselves to be as successful as we can be. With our resources,work ethic, and knowledgeable staff, we can make the money invested go a lot further than most while still helping to support those in need.

We could not possibly expect you to contribute for nothing in return. That is why we worked hard to come up with fun and valuable incentives. IndieGoGo only allows for 12 incentives to be active at a time, so a lot of the incentives will only appear for a limited time. If you see something you like, you should grab it immediately because you never know how long it will be available for.

We are hard-working entrepreneurs and we truly believe in helping our neighbors and our neighborhood businesses. So please contribute in anyway you can and share our page. Exposure is the key.

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We would like to thank everyone for your interest in and for your support with this endeavor.

ABOUT SAVEES.COM, launched in 2013, is the first truly free internet portal designed to help companies grow through increased advertising to targeted markets. is the only online advertising portal that promotes and grows your organization without cutting into your product or company margins., was founded by long time advertising and marketing executive Leo Cohen. Mr. Cohen, realized that companies where paying large sums of monies, sometimes monies they could not afford just to promote a product through an advertising medium without assurances that their investment would pay-off. Time and time again he saw this occur and with a team of experts created a portal that addressing this issue. For more information about the company or sign up for the product please visit To help promote and get the word out about this new and innovative cost savings portal please visit us at or post your free deal today at We at would love to have you as a part of our community.

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