Scotland’s papers: Pageant warning and safety row over MP’s present

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The Edinburgh International Festival is being “stretched to breaking point”, organisers have told the Scotland on Sunday. Chief executive Francesca Hegyl told the paper that amid public funding cuts, the festival is struggling to attract top talent, pay performers and staff fair wages and keep ticket prices low. She has called for a “rethink of support to ensure its long-term future”, the paper says.

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SNP MP Joanna Cherry has hit out at critics as security is ramped up at her Fringe show, The Herald on Sunday reports. Extra measures have been put in place to protect her safety and prevent disruption at the Stand Comedy Club following a consultation with Police Scotland. The gender-critical politician has accused her opponents of “trying to poison public discourse”, the paper says.

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The Sunday Post leads with an “upsetting image” showing the aftermath of an attack on a woman who was beaten by a triple rapist. Carrie Davidson has spoken out…