Scotland’s papers: Scotland ‘holds its breath’ and Brexit ‘storm’

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image captionThe i says that Scotland “holds its breath” as it awaits the counting of votes for the Holyrood election. The paper highlights that millions braved “bizarre” wintry weather to cast votes while Covid restrictions prevented “traditional late night drama”.
image caption“The die is cast” is The Scotsman’s take as it describes an “election like no other” – not only with no overnight count but the absence of door knocking and politicians “kissing babies”.
image captionThe Daily Record leads with the prediction that the SNP could miss an overall majority. The paper says a polling average put Nicola Sturgeon’s party on 64 seats – one short of outright victory – according to polling expert Sir John Curtice.
image captionThe same forecast makes the Scottish Daily Mail, which says the SNP are “on course” to form the next government. Counting will start at 09:00 on Friday, with the final result expected on Saturday.
image captionHopes for “full speed ahead” to a second independence…