Sea creatures nice and really small

Sea creatures great and very small

My dive buddy Sharon Davies points emphatically to a small bunch of algae in the sand flat. All I see is a small bunch of algae. She points again, and the current gently wafts the green algae, revealing a tiny greenish gray… splodge. I look at her questioningly. She nods enthusiastically. I look again. It’s still a splodge, but I can see it’s moving ever so slightly. I glance back at her and, from behind my prescription dive mask, I make the universal wide-eye gesture for “Seriously? That’s it?”

What Davies is showing me is a frogfish. And as I have just discovered, it’s definitely not the size of a frog. In fact, this one is barely the size of a pinky fingernail.

Despite its size, or more likely because of it, the sighting of dwarf frogfish in local waters in February caused a major frisson of excitement among divers and underwater photographers. The one we saw was one of several that macro-photography divers had found at Don Foster’s, Eden Rock and other sites.