Seasoned professionals’ recommendation for brand spanking new buyers in a recession

Seasoned pros' advice for new investors in a recession

Some Millennials and Gen Z-ers found themselves jobless and bored during peak Covid, yet flush with sudden access to cash through stimulus programs and increased federal unemployment payments. And the pandemic-fueled market dip provided an easy entry point to investing.

The casino was open and everyone was winning big. These new investors had less wiggle room when it came to losing cash, but hey, they had never lived through a market crash or recession.

For newbie investors, things are changing fast.

Buying first, asking questions later

About 15% of all current US stock market investors say they first began investing in 2020, according to a Schwab survey — and the majority who opened their first non-retirement investment account that year were under the age of 45 and had lower incomes than other investors, a FINRA study found. In all, about 20 million people have started investing in the past two years.
Flushed with liquidity, “they bought first and asked questions later with meme…