Secondary faculty locations: Tips on how to enchantment a college admissions determination

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Councils are offering secondary school places to children in England and Wales.

What are the options if parents are unhappy with the outcome?

When is offer day for secondary school places?

How do parents and carers accept a school offer?

In England and Wales, parents who applied online will receive an email on 1 March with details of how to accept the place, and the deadline.

Those who did not apply online will be sent a letter.

If they do not accept by the date specified, the offer could be withdrawn and the place given to someone else.

How are places decided?

Looked-after children are given top priority in school admissions, but, for most pupils, schools have their own admissions criteria. Some give priority to children from a particular religion, or who pass an entrance exam.

Research from the University of Bristol, based on how about 3,250 secondary schools in England admitted pupils in September 2020, found:

  • 96%…