Sensible tech helps to save lots of China’s large pandas

Smart tech is helping to save China's giant pandas

With a relatively small population though, pandas are not out of the woods — or the bamboo forest — just yet.

The biggest threat to the wild panda population is habitat loss. Its reliance on bamboo for sustenance has made the species particularly vulnerable to environmental changes, and China’s rapid urban development over the past century has pushed pandas into a fraction of their historic range. And while around 54% of its wild habitat is protected, these areas are still vulnerable to natural disasters, such as wildfires.

Now, conservationists hope that smart tech can help to safeguard the panda’s future.

To protect panda habitat the “Digital Panda System,” developed in a joint venture between the Sichuan Forest and Grassland Administration and Chinese tech giant Huawei, was deployed across forest and grasslands in Sichuan province in February 2021. The instant reporting system helps to detect wildfires in hard-to-reach areas, alerting rangers and fire departments so they can…