Losing Web Traffic? Why It Makes Sense To Use A Premium WordPress Theme.

03/04/2012 // Mandaluyong, National Capital Region, Philippines // Premium WordPress Themes // Rocky John Tayaban

As WordPress becomes the most preferred publishing platform for bloggers, business owners and even the finicky search engines, free WordPress themes and plugins seem like an attractive solution. A recent search on Google for “free WordPress themes and plugins” yields 43.3 million results. With so many complimentary resources readily available, the average website owner finds it difficult to pay a premium price.

“However,” warns Lisa Craig, a senior WordPress Theme designer at Unique D’signs, “the chosen theme can make or break a website. It is important that publishers personalize their theme’s design and make sure they are search engine optimized. These features are generally not available to free WordPress themes.”

The biggest challenge online business owners face today is optimizing their webpage and content for specific keywords in order to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing and dozens of smaller search engines. Without this interest, it is nearly impossible to reach their consumers. “In order for your website to generate a high volume of traffic from the search engines, both on-page and off-page optimization must be implemented.” says James Corbett, CEO of Deluxe SEO. “At a minimum, your website’s coding and linking structure must satisfy the search engines’ requirements.”

Unfortunately, most free WordPress themes are not sophisticated enough to support such technical issues, and the majority of business owners do not possess the knowledge or time to correct any serious problems. When a template is not optimized for search engines, it causes websites to lose significant search engine traffic. A developer is hired to troubleshoot any problems, which is likely to cost more than building a new theme from scratch. Suddenly, a free resource, which the company is now heavily invested in, becomes a pricy operation.

“These free products are not guaranteed for quality or performance, and theme developers are not required to maintain releases, issue updates or provide support,” Lisa Craig explains. “Plus, there is no originality, nothing to stop a competitor from using the exact same layout. When this happens, websites instantly lose brand recognition and credibility.”

In contrast, Premium WordPress Themes provide flexibility so that tweaks can be made and major updates accommodated. Every custom-designed template, framework and plugin featured on Deluxe WordPress Themes is designed by the world’s leading experts, comes with lifetime support and is constructed to comply with current SEO policies and the latest version of WordPress.

About Deluxe WordPress Themes

Deluxe WordPress Themes is the premier resource for cutting-edge themes, frameworks and plugins. The website reviews the best free and paid WordPress products currently available on the market, providing affordable access to premium collections for bloggers, e-Commerce retailers, magazine publishers, photographers and videographers. Each collection is guaranteed to deliver superior performance, compliant coding and maximum flexibility.


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