SES (Spatial Enterprise System) 2.0 Has Been Released

06/10/2013 (press release: xueweir) // Atlanta, Georgia, USA // Xuewei Ren

Spentersys LLC has announced its first public release of the patented system, Spatial Enterprise System (SES). Founded February 28, 2013, Spentersys is dedicated to provide the system for the enterprise solutions. Developed and packaged by Spentersys, SES is developed in a set of new concepts that seamlessly integrates data provision, graphic interfaces, data transportation and solution deployment in the single spatial domain.

SES is the software platform of the enterprise solutions. This release, which is marked as Version 2.0, has achieved the major goals on the long-term roadmap. SES can now be provided as a platform that enables engineers and business analysts to develop enterprise solutions in an effective and seamless manner. “Only-once deployment and no-coding workflow are the two major milestones that have been achieved in this release,” said Xuewei Ren, the chief architect of SES. “Only-once deployment” means that the different SES clients for different platforms such as desktop, mobile and web can access the same solution as long as the solution has been deployed on the server once and only once. “No-coding workflow” means that no coding is required to develop the workflows for the business logic. SES uses the dynamic controls to draw the workflows that can be dynamically carried over to all types of clients.

This release marks the birth of SES, which indicates the new generation of the spatial system. SES package can be downloaded from the web site of Spentersys. SPENTERSYS will continue to strive to perfect this system.

About Spentersys

Spentersys develops and maintains the spatial platform named Spatial Enterprise System (SES), which enables engineers and business analysts to develop the enterprise solutions without intensive coding. The patent of this system was filed March 2011 by Xuewei Ren. The company’s web site is

Founded in 2013, Spentersys is dedicated to the development of SES. It released its first public version of SES May 2013, which marks the official public appearance of Spentersys.

SPENTERSYS is a registered trademark of Spentersys LLC.

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