Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Press Release Writers

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Some time ago, a writer penned a book that turned the business world upside down. Well, maybe that can be said for many, but this one inspired an entrepreneurial drive in numerous people, and gave direction to those who wanted to understand how they could be steps closer to achieving their goals. Stephen R. Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People introduced a concept that made many self-help enthusiasts feel empowered to take charge, and do more with their time and energy.

Included in the list of “habits” of these “effectors” are being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, and thinking win-win. These and other concepts can also be applied to creating an effective press release. However, instead of outlining what habits press release writers should have, I think it would be helpful to examine what many ineffective press release writers currently do to hinder their effort.

• Attempting to sound like someone else – Your press release should be written in a tone a voice that reflects the branding needs of your company. Attempting to write like everyone else may lead to your release getting lost in the slush pile.

• Not waiting for a writing prompt – Many companies who choose to send out an announcement to the press initially struggle with writer’s block in drafting what they want to say. Particularly in cases where they want to promote some aspect of their enterprise, but have nothing special to promote. Press releases should be designed to include newsworthy elements, therefore it is important to ensure that one has something of substance to write about before penning a release.

• Making releases too wordy – Simply stated, no one has time to read a novel length press release. A 300-400 word release is ideal.

• Forgetting your target audience – One must never forgot whom they are targeting in a press release. This is important for making sure that the message conveyed is one that an audience will find relevance in.

• Overlooking the facts – One may boast that their company, product, or service is “the best,” but facts supporting that notion are necessary to prevent one’s release from sounding like marketing fluff pieces.

• Leaving out emotion – Playing to the emotions of one’s target audience is important for creating effective releases. This helps readers sincerely value what you are saying.

• Trying to make a sale – Press releases should not read like sales pitches. Enough said.

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