Shanghai studies first official Covid deaths since weeks-long lockdown imposed

Shanghai reports first official Covid deaths since weeks-long lockdown imposed


Three elderly people aged between 89 and 91 died from Covid on Sunday, after their condition deteriorated in hospital, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said in a statement Monday.

All three were unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, according to officials.

The city reported 2,417 symptomatic cases and 19,831 asymptomatic infections Monday, slightly down from the previous day, according to the health commission.

The death toll appears strikingly low against the vast number of cases — since March 1, more than 370,000 people in Shanghai have been infected, and by the official count, no one had died of Covid until Sunday.

In comparison, the region’s other financial hub Hong Kong has recorded nearly 9,000 Covid deaths out of 1.18 million total cases as of January this year.
Experts have attributed Hong Kong’s high death toll to its high proportion of unvaccinated elderly. As of early March, just 48% of…