Shore fishing allowed in over half native waters

Shore fishing allowed in over half local waters

Photo by DoT

(CNS): Local fisherfolk are still free to fish from the shore around the Cayman Islands along more than half of the country’s coastline. The Department of Environment said there was some misunderstanding in the community about the recent rule changes to the Marine Park regulations and noted that fishing from the shore was still allowed in many, many places. The 8” size limit for fish still applies in all ‘open zones’, as well as other general species protections, such as the limits on conch and lobster. And it is, and has been for several years, illegal to kill sharks or rays. But people can fish in over half of Cayman’s near-shore waters out to 150ft deep.

Some line fishing zones within the enhanced marine parks system have even been combined with ‘no-diving’ overlay zones to preserve fishing access in those areas, while balancing user demands on the limited and fragile marine resources.

The marine reserve zones do not allow shoreline…