Site visitors cops concentrate on dashing in Jap Districts

Traffic cops focus on speeding in Eastern Districts

(CNS): Police issued 50 speeding tickets last week during Operation Borage, the RCIPS’s latest clampdown on rogue drivers, focussing on the Eastern Districts, where residents have raised concerns with the traffic police about dangerous driving, especially at weekends. The enforcement operation also led to an undisclosed number of tickets issued for other offences.

Officers issued several more tickets for expired registrations and three people were warned they could be prosecuted for other traffic offences.

“Our officers will be carrying out Operation Borage this weekend and for the foreseeable future,” said Superintendent Richard Barrow. “We will be targeting speeding, DUI and dangerous and reckless driving as a priority to curtail the occurrences of serious and fatal collisions. However, other offences that are observed during the operations will also be dealt with.” He said the aim was to make the roads safe for everyone, motorists, cyclists and…