SiteTrail Declines Acquisition by Tech Giant, Launches New Tools for Education and Employment

/ expands its free tools from web analysis and news to education and niche employment opportunities for web and media professionals.

The recent success story of SiteTrail has evolved. Until recently it was notorious mainly for attracting high visitor levels by providing publishers with fresh digital news and indeed also for hosting some of the most powerful domain research tools that would almost make website owners feel stalked.

Since the launch of SiteTrail users could already keep track of their favourite websites, perform unlimited searches pertaining to typical “Whois,” “What is my IP” and intensive registrar lookups. Boasting an entire range of the best free domain tools is nothing new on SiteTrail. Whilst the site was intended to serve mainly Web2.0 enthusiasts, it in fact saw divorce lawyers, private investigators and researchers from everywhere lining up to use it’s free services, the concept became viral in a matter of months and the company had to triple it’s server capacity with Amazon to keep up.

Now SiteTrail unveiled a new strategy and is reaching out further to people around the world as it extends its free set of web tools and information sharing capacity: By engaging readers seeking free education and employment advise, The site will help visitors choose the best free training, these courses will in turn help readers to become globally competitive and also help people to find rewarding jobs within the tech, online and digital sectors.

SiteTrail has a vision: The world is indeed familiar with landmark success stories such as Facebook, Mashable and Sitetrail itself. Whilst these mainly originated from within the US and Western Europe, SiteTrail sought ways to leverage its influence in such a way that it will play a role in leading the empowerment of more social entrepreneurs globally who in turn will participate in successful startups, awakening global competitiveness in online publishing. In the west we hear of gender and ethnic equality in the workplace but we often forget that we possess the means to implement much more needed types of equality on a global scale too, which would spark innovation and improve lives.

Inspiring results: If the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs could arise from as far afield as Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia or Pakistan – and if more families are lifted from poverty due to online publishers becoming more skilful and efficient, SiteTrail will see this as a major accomplishment. By introducing some real help and free aid schemes to aspiring social entrepreneurs such as online publishers, marketers and those with potential to be our next rising stars, SiteTrail hopes to help achieve just that.

Here is what has in store for its readers:
•SiteTrail will intelligently aggregate a selection of IT, design and publishing courses that will be free of charge to anyone accessing it via the internet or publically. This will contribute to core competency and in demand skills.
•To find, evaluate and suggest some of the top courses from institutions such as MIT, Yale, Stanford and Berkeley which is likely to prompt learners to become creative thinkers and inspire innovation.
•The SiteTrail career section and Web2.0 and social media jobs: Working with partners across several influential domains it will match up the right career opportunities for candidates who gained the right skills to employers in the web and digital sectors.

Recent partnerships:
SiteTrail has already established partnerships with and who will be major contributors to the learning library. Besides free training videos and links they will also provide guidance and analysis on educational and short course trends that are good to follow.

When asked about rumours of a possible acquisition with the press, SiteTrail has the following comment: The tech market has seen many big moves from forward thinking giants such as Google, Facebook and CNN. Any such changes should ultimately result in a wider freedom of choice to the end user who accesses information.

How to get involved with SiteTrail:
Organizations and individual philanthropists who are investors in people may contact us via the SiteTrail website. They may sponsor free courses on our platforms or link to us in order to bring benefit to people and also collaborate with SiteTrail and its partners on fresh ideas.

Individuals who seek to gain skills or assistance to develop in the field of social entrepreneurship or who wish to contribute related articles or features for the benefit of this cause may also contact us via the SiteTrail website. Writers and bloggers can submit related content to us and be a part of the action. Researchers can simply head over to the SiteTrail analysis section.

News agencies and blogs may syndicate our content via RSS or Twitter feeds at no charge, the easiest way to stay up to date with SiteTrail developments is by following us on twitter.

Media Contact:
Tess Bryan

PR courtesy for Online PR Media.