SkyVPN Provides Free and Unrestricted VPN Service for People Affected by the Ukr… – Press Release


The renowned VPN provider makes its VPN service free in Ukraine, Russia, and other conflict-related regions where people are seeking VPNs to access banned content and social media platforms securely and privately.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SkyVPN, a top-rated VPN services provider, recently reported that it had seen a 500% increase in installs of its VPN product in Ukraine, Russia, and other regions impacted by the recent events in Ukraine.

The traffic from these areas also extremely surged after restrictions to several social media platforms came into effect this month. According to Vox, the Russian government said it would block Instagram, expanding its social media crackdown that had already cut off access to Facebook and restricted Twitter for the tens of millions of people in the country who use these apps daily.

Besides the restrictions of social media platforms, cyber warfare related to the UkraineRussia conflict is surging as digital volunteers from around the world enter the fight, according to CNBC.

To help retain necessary connections with loved ones for affected citizens, enhance their online privacy, and protect them from cyberattacks, SkyVPN is providing unrestricted VPN services at no cost, in an effort to help relieve citizens suffering from internet crackdowns and censorship.

“Regarding the situation in Ukraine, our thoughts are with all the affected people, and we want to help in our way,” a spokesperson at SkyVPN stated. “We are dedicated to helping the world maintain the free flow of information and protect online privacy for individuals.”

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Virtual private networks have become increasingly popular and needed in a time when people use their computers and phones for nearly everything. VPNs protect users’ personal information and IP addresses from data breaches and hacking, which have become commonplace today. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine