Slovenia’s populist PM loses election to environmentalist get together

Slovenia's populist PM loses election to environmentalist party

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s populist Prime Minister, Janez Janša, lost a national election on Sunday as the environmentalist Freedom Movement party won more votes than his SDS party, according to preliminary figures from election authorities.

Janša, who had hoped to win a fourth term in office, conceded that he had been defeated in the vote, adding however that his SDS party had secured more votes than ever before.

“The results are what they are. Congratulations to the relative winner,” Janša said, addressing his supporters.

The election had been expected to be tight but the official preliminary figures showed the Freedom Movement, a newcomer in the election, leading with 34.34% of the vote, far more than expected, while the SDS secured 23.83%, based on 98.20% of counted ballots.

That would give the Freedom Movement, which…