Smart FinTech B2B Promotions using SumUp Financial Technology Apps are boosting International SME POS Markets. – Press Release


Independent Irish Finance watchers in Dublin (Ireland) claim that SumUp is now Leading the Way, in Direct B2B Marketing Practices.

Independent Irish Finance watchers in Dublin (Ireland) claim that SumUp is now Leading the Way, in Direct B2B Marketing Practices.

DUBLIN , Ireland – – (Independent Irish International Press Release) – – While the Net Volume of Digital and Cashless Payments has been growing steadily over the past 20 Years , it is totally unsurprising to note that the Covid-19 Pandemic has seen this trend accelerate even further. Recent Data from a wide spectrum of Financial Regulators fundamentally appear to suggest that Global Digital Payments (Worldwide) are set to increase by about 80 percent (80%) before the 31st Day of December in the Year 2030.

SumUp is a popular mobile point of sale (mPOS) system in Europe which recently expanded to the United States of America (USA) and Lots of other Countries , Worldwide. It’s payment processing (pp) rates , commissions and Mobile POS hardware are far much cheaper than major competitors like Square and PayPal ; despite there not being any Long Term Contracts which need to be signed. These are probably just a few reasons why many SME Subscribers of the SumUp Brand often choose to publicly swear by it’s (amazingly) low cost and it’s smart (user-friendly) mPOS (mobile Point Of Sale) eBusiness app. To create a SumUp Account, potential users will need to connect it to their Bank Account and also provide some Basic Business Information – like their Business Entity Type , Business Address and Contact Information (etc). SumUp does not usually cater for ‘High Risk’ Businesses.

The Software Technology behind SumUp is relatively simple indeed. SumUp essentially works by connecting a mobile device (via Bluetooth) to a SumUp Credit (or Debit) Card Reader , which then seamlessly processes a wide range of financial transactions through the SumUp mobile app. Of Course there is also an online SumUp Account which permanently comes with it ; together with enough Software for an Online Store and Smart Invoicing etc. As at July 2021 , there is also the option of getting a Free Business Debit Card too – which allows Businesses to directly withdraw their SumUp Funds (via ATM) without the Funds having to be initially cleared in their Linked Bank Account. SumUp is presently able to accepts All Major Credit (and Debit) Cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover , etc. Apple Pay , Google Pay , N26 and many other Payment Processing Systems are also now supported by SumUp , too.

SumUp substantially markets itself via B2B (Business To Business) Promotional Referrals ; just like so many other FinTech Companies which are are (exponentially) Boosting International SME POS Markets.

If you are frequently involved in Business (or Buying and Selling or even doing the odd eBay Deal from time to time) , then it might be a Thrifty Little Commercial Idea for you to Promptly Apply for a SumUp Card Reader and it’s associated Debit Card. Feel Free to Copy this SumUp Referral Link ( ) directly into Your Browser (and carefully follow All of the relevant Instructions from SumUp HQ). For each friend which you actually SIGN UP via your personal link, SumUp will then credit your account with a certain amount , while your referred friend also gets a substantial discount (price reduction) off a SumUp Card Reader (plus other SumUp Associated Products). You only get paid when the New SumUp Subscriber actually SIGNS UP FOR SUMUP using your very own SumUp Link. Otherwise , Alas , you won’t actually get an Extra Dime of Referral Rewards from that particular Sign-Up.

About 2 Years Ago – many Online Blogs (like us) widely published quite a lot of enticing offers from SumUp , specifically concerning it’s reduced fees for Card Readers and Card Processing . However : Lot of online readers (of the SME Cadre) then repeatedly claimed that they were not able to access such offers on the Main SumUp Website. To This Effect : Many online publications temporarily ceased to publish the Wide Range of (SumUp) Offers.

Now That these SumUp (Sign-Up) Offers are much more Transparent : We therefore unashamedly recommend that you only signup using the following (Verified) SumUp (Sign-Up) Link at (and we also encourage Every Legitimate Business in the World to Swiftly Apply for their SumUp Special Offer via that Link). We cannot guarantee that the (Offers-Link) Link will still remain active for Long – hence the need for your Prompt Application (if interested).

As Previous Stated (Above) : Another Key Selling Point of SumUp is that Users also get a Free Business Debit Card without the Need for a Bank Account for Withdrawals – You can therefore now easily withdraw your SumUp Account Funds directly from an ATM Cash Machine , anywhere in the World, using your SumUp Debit Card – subject to Satisfactory Verification of your (Government-Issued) Photo ID ( Passport or Driving License etc).


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SumUp substantially markets itself via B2B (Business To Business) Promotions and Referrals ; just like so many other FinTech Companies which are (exponentially) Boosting International SME POS Markets.

An (Officially) Approved SumUp (Sign-Up) Link is (Use of this particular Marketing Link can save Subscribers a Substantial Amount of Money during Sign-Ups ; while also additionally benefiting the Referrer in terms of Immediate SumUp Rewards)

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