Snuneymuxw First Nation and FortisBC Holdings Inc. sign agreement for Tilbury LN… – Press Release


SNUNEYMUXW TERRITORY, BC, Jan. 27, 2023 /CNW/ – FortisBC Holdings Inc. (“FortisBC”) and Snuneymuxw First Nation (“Snuneymuxw”) are pleased to announce an agreement to work in close collaboration on the Tilbury Projects. On January 26, 2023, Snuneymuxw Chief Mike Wyse invited FortisBC President and CEO Roger Dall‘Antonia to sign the agreement on Snuneymuxw traditional territory.

The agreement respects Snuneymuxw’s rights in relation to the potential project impacts and represents a commitment to share benefits related to the Tilbury Projects. Snuneymuxw has committed to supporting Tilbury Projects and participating in regulatory processes associated with the Tilbury Projects including the Tilbury LNG Storage Expansion Project and the Tilbury Marine Jetty Project. The agreement also ensures FortisBC is supporting Snuneymuxw’s community members through educational opportunities, relevant training and continued investments in the community.

“This agreement is important to Snuneymuxw for several reasons,” says Snuneymuxw Chief Mike Wyse. “FortisBC recognizes the importance of a relationship with us and respects our Aboriginal and Treaty rights within our traditional territory and waters. We know that sustainable development requires project level decisions by government and regulators, and we support the Tilbury Projects that FortisBC has developed and will build on. We look forward to working with FortisBC, and other participants in this work, to ensure we share and build on the opportunities before us: mutual prosperity, employment, and protection of the environment.”

This agreement marks an important milestone on the path to true collaboration on projects that make up the Tilbury Expansion according to FortisBC President & CEO Roger Dall‘Antonia. “Coming together to establish an agreement like this takes time and a lot of thoughtful discussion, but I know it is worthwhile. Contributions from Snuneymuxw will ensure FortisBC can plan and build Tilbury projects that…